Sourcing the Beans


Via Fortuna Enterprises –

If you’ve ever compared the taste of a ripe, summer tomato to a mealy mid-winter tomato, you’re very familiar with the difference it makes to buy produce in season at the peak of ripeness. This same philosophy applies to the way we source our green coffee. While coffee is grown throughout the year, factors like region and altitude determine a coffee’s specific growing season.

We focus on reserving and purchasing green beans within weeks of the harvest, a practice that guarantees our ability to offer you the best quality coffee available. We source through a combination of direct trade agreements and conscientious brokers with whom we have established relationships. Our sourcing practices allow us to access unique offerings like microlots and naturally-processed coffees in addition to our wide selection of African, Latin American, and Indonesian coffees.

Jagshead Coffee Roasters
Our coffee heritage starts on the high mountain side of the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador. To be more precise in the region known as “Los Naranjos” where many award winning beans have been harvested. Coffee growing has been in our family for over 150 years. On our lands we produce high altitude grown Arabica coffee. Our farms are filled with highly desired coffee varieties: Borbon (Red, Orange, Pink and Dwarf), Pacamara, Caturra and other Hybrids.

In addition to getting great coffee from Fortuna in Greensboro, NC; we’ve been working with JagsHead Coffee out of Charlotte, NC to bring El Salvadorian blends to the Kannapolis area.

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