19424149_1134116983356987_6664904392181819123_ndoTERRA 101 Essential Oils Class – Thursday, August 3rd at 6:30 pm

Come join Old Town Oils at Editions Coffee and Used Book Store at 217 S. Main St. In Kannapolis! 

We are gonna cover the 10 must have in every home essential oils. Heartburn, rashes, headache, digestion aids, joint and muscle pain relief, home freshening, mood lifters, energy boosting, respiratory aid, allergy assistance and so much more.
If your ready to pay less, feel better, and enjoy natural solutions with no side effects come join us for amazing coffee and a fun, informative class.
Classes are FREE for all, we teach to how to get and use these amazing oils in your home, and have lots of freebies and door prizes too!
Please RSVP here or at Editions Coffee and Used Bookstore.
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Coffee and Canvas20180392_10213075834632958_1010274798_o.jpg

Coffee and Canvas – Saturday, August 5 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Editions will be hosting local artist Darcey Quates Wilson for a Coffee and Canvas event. $30 per person includes all materials to create the ‘Editions Special’ (as shown above – stacked books and a steaming mug).
Pastries and Coffee are available for purchase.

Register and Prepay at Editions by August 4th. (max 10 artists)
Invite your friends to meet you at the new Editions Coffee Shop and Used Book Store – class begins at 6!