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The Bookend ~ Frosty’s Favorite ~ The Grand Slam ~ Cheerwine Frost

Coco Loco ~ Turtle Java Chip ~ A Happy Accident ~ Spiced Caramel Chai

~ We also have Monthly Seasonal Specials! ~
Editions Coffee Shop features blends and single origin coffee from Fortuna Enterprises Coffee, based in Greensboro, NC. Established in 2000, Fortuna Enterprises is the consummate leader in providing complete and comprehensive solutions for all of your coffee shop needs. Fortuna excels in unparalleled customer service by offering Specialty roasted, small batch coffee, and is known for their House and Flavored Blends as well as Espresso.
By staying on the cutting edge of coffee trends and constantly seeking out the best the coffee world has to offer (from micro-lots to single origin to developing new blends), they ensure quality and innovation.
Jags Head coffee heritage starts on the high mountain side of the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador. To be more precise in the region known as “Los Naranjos” where many award winning beans have been harvested. Coffee growing has been in their family for over 150 years. On their lands they produce high altitude grown Arabica coffee. Their farms are filled with highly desired coffee varieties: Borbon (Red, Orange, Pink and Dwarf), Pacamara, Caturra and other Hybrids.
“In 2016 we decided to move forward in the coffee supply chain. We did not only want to grow coffee but we wanted to roast our beans in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s when Jags Head Coffee was born. Starting Jags Head Coffee was a way we could bring a true from “Farm to Cup” experience to our clients. In our process and product we take pride of our farming, milling and roasting skills. It is the only way to guarantee we will provide the cup of coffee everyone deserves.”

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