At Editions we DO NOT pay cash for books.

However, we Do accept quality used books in exchange for Trade-In Credit.

Trade-In Credit is equal to 50% of what Editions will list the particular book to sell for.  A book listed at $4 will be worth $2 in trade credit.In-Store customers can use earned credit to pay for 50% of the used book(s) being purchased.  The remaining cost can be paid for with cash or debit/credit card.

Books to be considered for Trade/Credit must be brought in during regular business hours. If you leave your books for review rather than waiting at the store, you will be contacted by phone/email with your Trade/Credit information.

*We reserve the right to adjust these pricing rules as needed.

Note:  Any unaccepted books must be picked up within 1 week, after which books will be donated to local charity organizations.

Books we do not accept:  “Ex-Library” books, Hardcover books missing their dust-jacket, Readers Digest Condensed Books, College Textbooks, or Non-Fiction books over 10 years old in the fields of Business, Computers, Health, Science, or Travel. 

We may refuse books for ANY REASON, including the book’s popularity, age, or condition, or if we are “overstocked” on the title.

Paperback books and current bestselling hardcover books are priced for resale at 50% of the original publisher price, slightly less if they are not in great condition, slightly more if they are “Like New.”

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